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Uncle Sam: Art

            Jesus Christ submerged in a jar of piss? Whether you like it or not, its art. The blasphemous, along with every other breed of controversy surrounds the immense world we refer to as art. In all of its forms its purposes are general, and inevitably subject to the opinions of all. Thus, art is approached and achieved in a variety of ways, appealing to every kind of people "culturally, ideally, politically, and religiously. Art is man's response to his world. By definition, art is the utilization of the imagination in order to express ideas or feelings using a variety of media, unique to every artist in its precise execution. Artistic freedom is key, meaning limits imposed on these provisions hinders art from reaching its full potential. We observe this in the government's withholding of funds for artists whose works depict controversial, sexually explicit, or blasphemous ideas. A creative mind needs the freedom to flourish. Said minds need the essentials for growth and productivity "adequate schooling or training, and an adequate supply of media to work with, at a minimum. Some artists are not as fortunate as others, as you know, and are a common occurrence. The livelihood of artists, as well as the opportunity for one to reach their full potential relies-- often heavily "on patronage, namely that of the government. These days, we would assume that anyone competent enough to fill out a government financial aid form would find himself or herself the necessary assistance. Apparently, the savior of the broke biology major, but not the starving artist.
             In the words of Pablo Picasso, "Painting is not done to decorate apartments."" Of art's numerous purposes, one of those most significant is its ability to challenge the status quo, and to subvert the mainstream view of things. Art does this by touching upon sensitive issues, often finding itself effective through expressing using often unpopular and unaccepted sentiments or ideals.

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