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Othello vs. Aaron race in Shakespeare

             Shakespeare used the idea of a person being black to great effect in two of his.
             These were Othello and Titus Andronicus. Each of these plays are violent.
             tragedies in which there is much suffering, back stabbing, and loss of life. However.
             in each play the usage of a black character is vastly different. Yet in both tragedies.
             the idea of being black is not discussed in any fashion which can be described using.
             any modern forms of racism or racial theory. Therefor, in order to explain.
             Shakespeare's usage of black characters, each character must be examined separately.
             from the other in the context of their very different roles. .
             Othello is the lead character of the play by the same name. He is a moor,.
             and therefor a man of black skin. In the play, Othello is a general in the army of.
             Venice. He is a man who is commonly respected for his great courage, and skill on.
             the field of battle. He is also held in the greatest regard by the Duke of Venice. .
             This is quickly displayed in the story when the Duke seeks Othello's council.
             immediately after hearing news of an impending attack by the Turks. However,.
             Othello is a tragic hero of his play, and therefor must have his downfall before him. .
             This is derived from his decision to marry the daughter of a powerful senator.
             of Venice. Her name is Desdemona, she is beautiful, intelligent, brave, and white. .
             Although neither Othello nor Desdemona think that the difference in the tone of.
             their skin will cause a problem for their relationship, others around them see it as.
             an instant difficulty. Othello is harassed by Desdemona's father, who claims that.
             he used magic to steal his daughter from him. This claim is brought before the.
             Duke. Othello then places his life in Desdemona's hands, trusting in her testimony.
             to prove both his innocence, and her love. This she does with ease. .
             "That I did love the moor to live with him, .
             my downright violence, and storm of fortunes, .

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