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Underlying Causes for Political Instability in Somalia

            Most of Africa has been under European rule from the early 1900s until the mid 1900s. Some nations that were under imperial rule have developed into nations with very few problems, while others have not. Somalia is one of the nations that has struggled and still does today in order to function well. It is one of these rare places where there is ongoing civil war and it has no central government. Somalia is in a state of anarchy because it had problems after their president got assassinated in 1969, it has many economic problems, and native clans in Somalia are constantly fighting with their foes. If Somalia can solve these problems, it will be able to function very well and gain a government that will suite them well.
             Since Somalia had been granted independence in 1960, Somalia did have a well working parliamentary democracy for nine years. During the nine-year period of parliamentary democracy that followed Somali independence, freedom of expression was widely regarded as being derived from the traditional right of every man to be heard. The national ideal professed by Somalis was one of political and legal equality in which historical Somali values and acquired Western practices appeared to coincide (Somalia: From Independence to Revolution 1). In 1960, Aden Abdullah Osman Daar was elected president of Somalia. He was kept in power until 1967 when Abdi Rashid Ali Shermarke until he was assassinated on October 15, 1969. It sounds like Somalia does not have any problems with its government, but European Imperialism had resulted in many negative effects on present day Somalia. It was originally split into two countries; north Somalia (Somaliland) was British, while the south (Somalia) was Italian. Although they were originally two different countries, in 1960 the UN created Consultative Commission for Integration, which connected the two distinct countries into one. Italy and Britain had left the two with separate administrative, legal, and education systems in which affairs were conducted according to different procedures and in different languages.

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