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Plot Analysis for "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

            * Sorry about the spacing on this one, folks, but I got a kick-ass grade on this part, look for more "Animal Farm" stuff from me!.
             PLOT ANALYSIS.
             The Setting.
             The book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, takes place on a farm in England.
             during the time in which it was written, the 1940's. The purpose of this setting is to.
             give the world a simple example of how any type of government can fail, anywhere,.
             anytime. The Manor Farm is run by Mister Jones, who is in a drunken stupor at this.
             point in the novel due to the loss of a large lawsuit. When Mister Jones retires for the.
             evening, all of the animals on the farm gather in the big barn for a meeting called.
             upon by the eldest prized pig, old Major as he was called, to discuss a secret matter. .
             Old Major tells the animals of a secret plan, many years in the making yet without.
             action. The plan is for an overthrow of man by the animals. Old Major explains to the.
             animals that rebellion is the only way to escape their sorrowful, meaningless lives in.
             order to live free and rich. "Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from.
             the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever" (Orwell.
             6). Because there are so many characters who come to life in Orwell's book, the.
             animals (as a societal whole) represent the protagonist, attempting to overcome their.
             unfair treatment received from the humans, and escape the knife that kills them at.
             the end of their lives. Mister Jones and the human race (as a societal whole, as well).
             plays the antagonist in the novel, mistreating the animals and bringing the animals".
             feelings of hatred toward Man upon themselves.
             Napoleon (main character #1).
             One of the main characters in the story is old Major's successor, Napoleon, a.
             fellow pig. The pigs are viewed as smarter, thus the most important animals on the.
             farm. Napoleon deceives the animals into trusting him, and in the end, loses all that.
             is gained by becoming too greedy.

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