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             It is uncanny how often a wild animal will display human qualities. For example, a bird defending its nest from predators could be observed as an act of love towards the chicks, or a bear protecting its cubs as a feeling of obligation towards the safety of the new generation of bears. In Grendel this idea is reoccurs more than once as the monster often acts more human than monster while at other times his animal instincts are predominate. Many times Grendel seems to be walking a fine line between the two. It seems that throughout the book these two sides of Grendel are in a constant battle each prevailing at different times. When his more human side is shown, Grendel displays such human qualities such as hatred and loneliness while at other times he displays some of his more animalistic traits such as blood lust.
             In the book the monster displays the human characteristic of hatred on more than one occasion. At one point in the novel Grendel is furious with Wealtheow:.
             I would kill her and teach them reality. Grendel the truth-teacher, phantasm- .
             tester! It was what I would be from this day forward-my commitment, my .
             character as long as I lived-and nothing alive or dead could change my mind!.
             In this quote Grendel is expressing his need to kill Wealtheow to teach the Danes that reality is not ideal but in actuality he displays his feelings of hatred for her because she represents everything Grendel canhave. Throughout this chapter Grendel speaks of his infatuation with Wealtheow and how her perfect looks and her always kind manner constantly tease him. This is because Grendel thinks that Wealtheow is beautiful and basically has a thing for her but because they are from two different worlds he could never be with her so having her perfect image always in his mind is torture for him. .
             Despite this hatred expressed towards Wealtheow and his determination in killing her, Grendel decides not to kill the queen of the Danes after all.

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