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Feeling of Guilt

            A great film or book always has certain characteristics.
             create an exciting environment for its audience. This tone is often set by.
             creating emotions in which the readers relate to.
             There is something healthy about the capacity to feel guilt. This might seem.
             like a controversial statement but in truth the most destructive acts are.
             committed by people who do not feel guilt. These people do not have that voice.
             inside their heads that says it's wrong to do something that will be hurtful to.
             another. This closely relates to the idea of Hitler using the Jewish people as.
             scapegoats for the deteriorating conditions of Germany. Hitler felt no guilt.
             for the Jewish people and not only subjugated them to internment camps but also.
             alienated them from the rest of society. Neither do these same people.
             experience regret when they see what they have done.
             Of all the things that we can feel, guilt is probably the most difficult with.
             which to contend. If we've committed an act (sometimes even just had a thought).
             about which we feel very guilty, that guilt doesn't go away easily. Besides.
             regret and remorse, we can form a negative view of ourselves because of whatever.
             it is that we feel guilt about. Often we feel a need to do something to undo.
             whatever we have done or make amends. This is not a bad thing and, to the.
             contrary, guilt promotes responsibility and moves us to change behaviors that.
             are hurtful and destructive. This responsibility `.
             While guilt can be a good thing, there are exceptions. There are many people.
             who feel excessive and inappropriate guilt, i.e., guilt for things that are not.
             bad or improper. This guilt rules their lives and promotes behaviors that are.
             not only self-defeating but damaging to relationships. This can be seen when a.
             person says no to an unreasonable request and then goes along with the request.
             because of feelings of guilt for turning the person down. (Such people are often.
             manipulated by others to feel guilt for things that are not inappropriate or.

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