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Dali. The face behind the canvas

             So, what's all this Dali stuff about then? Well, basically it's about a man who could realize and implement dream like imagery onto canvas. Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali Domenech, was born on May 11th, 1904, in a small town in Figueres, Spain. He was the son of a prosperous notary, and spent his childhood at the family's summer home in the coastal village of Cadaques. This would later prove to be an advantage because, of his love for the rock formations and water inlet there. These would be in many of his paintings, in years to come. As a young man, Dali went to the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Early recognition of Dali's talent came with his first one-man show, held in Barcelona around 1925. However, his prime starting block came when three of his painting's were shown in the third annual Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh in1928. After this, Dali went to Paris and held another one-man show, and at this point Dali joined the Paris Surrealist Group.
             Salvador Dali was one of the most interesting and controversial artist in the history of the 20th century. He was a man that merged his life with his work in a way that was in some way's delirious. He was once said to have said on one occasion, "The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad." He also said that "Disorder has to be created methodically, as disorder sets the creative process in motion. Everything that generates contradiction is a way of life. Over the years Dali devoted himself with such intensity to developing his own method and flair, which he described as "Paranoiac-critical." He was able to demonstrate his own personal obsessions and fantasies by uncovering and fashioning hidden forms within pre-existing ones. Which in us, provokes our own wild imaginations and thoughts, and whether we like the painting or not, we can't stay undecided. The images release our own curiosity.

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