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Review of Shakespeare in Love

            I chose to write a review on Shakespeare in Love written by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman and directed by John Madden for paper three. I have heard from many people that it was a great movie and with a wonderful plot and great acting. This movie presents a hypothesis of how the Romeo and Juliet came to be. I was very impressed by the amount of detail that was paid to recreating the; I loved how the story just seemed to draw you in, not only behind the scenes of the theater, but into the mind of the playwright.
             This movie is a comedy because no one dies; all the main characters live throughout the entire movie. The only character that did perish was Christopher Marlowe, but he was not a main character even though he was Shakespeare's competition as a playwright. This was a comedy with an ironic ending, both Will and Viola (like Romeo and Juliet) learn that their love cannot be because of society and they are forced apart, but unlike Romeo and Juliet they both live and there is a hint in the end that there could be a happy ending, although no details are given other than the play Will is writing when the movie ends.
             The only aspects of the movie I did not care for were the nudity and its slow and confusing beginning. The love scenes could have still been as powerful and moving without showing Viola's breasts, we all still got the idea of what was going on and feelings as well. The movie did have a slow beginning and did not start to get interesting until after Viola is discovered by Will to be the actor playing Romeo and then romance ensues. The beginning was confusing because it just dumps the viewer right into a scene where Henslowe is being tortured because he owes debts. After the movie has been going for a while, the viewer can piece things together and figures out what has lead up to where the movie begins. I do not see anyway in avoiding this, you do not want have some kind of introduction that spoils the play, but it would be nice for something to be there to help the viewer figure out what is going on and not have to watch it twice because the first half of the movie was missed trying to understand the plot.

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