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Everyday Use: Traditional vers

            Alice Walker wrote a wonderful story, but by no means.
             do I believe she was being any harder on Dee then.
             uneducated southern blacks people were of educated black.
             people. In the off-Broadway play "Neat" this was a.
             resonating tone, though not the main point of the play.
             This detail that Alice Walker brought was very much.
             needed because Dee is a representative of the educated.
             black Americans that were striving to be leaders.
             The conflict in this story is the quilt and how two.
             different generations wanted to embrace that heritage.
             As we so clearly saw that Maggie, ""can "member Grandma.
             Dee without the quilts."" (Walker, pg. 876, paragraph.
             74). She said this because she has the ability to quilt.
             as her Grandmother Dee and Aunt Dee. Dee on the other.
             hand was an educated woman that went to college and.
             didn't stay home to learn such traditional traits and.
             hence needed some physical piece of her heritage. In.
             essence the title is perfect because we are left to.
             believe that the quilt is left to Maggie and she will.
             use it everyday.
             If any character is my favorite then I would have to.
             say that I have none for I appreciate the intricate.
             details of each characters as individuals and as well as.
             the role they play in the story. As we all know points.
             of view are different if two people are involved or id.
             one hundred people are involved, and somewhere in the.
             middle lay the truth. If this story were told through.
             the eyes of Maggie then I believe she would be just as.
             harsh on Dee as her mother was, but if Dee were to tell.
             this story then I believe she would speak on how her.
             heritage was ripped from her by her mother.

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