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public opinion

            Politics is very important issue depending on how active you are. How people look at politics could be based on how they were raised. Family, religion, gender, and education play an important role in deciding how an individual view politics. Each matter plays a key role in how a person approaches politics and how strong they feel about it to become an important participant.
             Family influences a person significantly depending on if they are inactive or active. Most children would be what their parents are, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal. Parents have a great impact on their children to raise them with their views of politics and government. Parents who talk about politics on a day-to-day basis will affect their child greatly than a parent who does not express how they feel. This occurs because government issues will surround the child on a daily basis, which alters their feelings into opinions. Religion plays the key role in politics. Strict religions, such as Catholics and Baptists have different outlooks on politics. They would be more republican because the religions do not believe in abortions. Capital punishment is another example that kills. These religions consider abortion and the death penalty to be a sin because it is murder. .
             Whether a person is male or female affects the outcome of how they look at political affairs. Males could feel much stronger on a certain topic than females, such as gun control. Women also have stronger feelings on different topics, such as drunk driving or equality in the workspaces. I do not believe education has a strong influence on an individual's view on government. Teachers are not to teach students to side with their favored political position, but to educate them on all the political points. Students go to school to learn about the subject, not be pressured to become active in politics. Education only educates the students of all the sides of government so the students can think and side for themselves.

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