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Down's Syndrome

             Each year, there are about three thousand to five thousand people who .
             which Down's Syndrome occurs is when there is an abnormality in chromosome .
             21. Therefore, most people with Down's Syndrome have an extra 21 .
             chromosome. Instead of the normal number of 46 chromosomes in each cell, the .
             person with Down's has 47 chromosomes. .
             People with Down's Syndrome have physical abnormalities and .
             phsychological ones. The physical features are the flattening of the back of the .
             head, slanting of the eyelids, small skin folds of the inner corner of the eyes, .
             slightly smaller ears, small mouth, decreased muscle tone, loose ligaments, and .
             small hands and feet. In addition, other eye problems like, nearsightedness and .
             lastly, far-sightedness. Children with Down Syndrome benefit from the same .
             care, attention, and inclusion in community life that help every child grow. As with .
             all children, quality education in neighborhood schools and preschools or at .
             home is important to provide the child with Down Syndrome the opportunities .
             that are needed to develop strong academic skills.
             Hypothyroidism is the most common problem that they have. It's when the .
             thyroid can't produce enough of the thyroid hormone. This can be there at birth .
             or could be present at any other age. Every state in the United States does a .
             routine screen on all new borns. Because sometimes the thyroid did not form .
             completly in the fetus. Down's Syndrome is a genetic comibination of birth .
             defects with physical abnormalities, musculoskeletal disorders and .
             hypothyroidism. Furthermore, most people with these conditionsarenot aware of .
             the physical and mental abnormalities that are associated with having this .
             genetic disorder. Even though Down syndrome is generally associated with .
             mental retardation, the characteristic learning styles of children with Down .
             syndrome may differ in important ways from children with other developmental .
             disorders. For example, children with Down syndrome may have a strength in an .

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