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Information and Service economy

             One of the challenges of developing Information and Service economy is maintaining quality in an increasingly global economy dealing with intangible products.
             A major shift around the world is altering the way people communicate, learn and work, and the way in which businesses and economies gain new efficiencies and create new wealth. This shift has been described in many ways: information superhighway, information revolution, information society, information age and information economy. Each of these terms refers to the fact that information is changing; or rather the ways in which information is produced, distributed and accessed are changing. .
             In tough economic times, executives and managers look for ways to make their people more efficient and keep a tight rein on staffing. But enterprises can't make these adjustments without considering the impact on customers. If service quality is sacrificed for internal efficiency, customers (and their wealth) will turn to the competitor who gains their trust in products, services and quality of care. So how can you engage and retain customers with top quality service, yet meet the demand for increased internal efficiency?.
             Introduction to Information and Service economy.
             Information and Service economy is also known as Knowledge-based economy. As we move towards the twenty- first century, the commercial world is undergoing an incredible transformation. Competition, world expansion and industrial modernism are pressuring businesses to modify the rudiments of how trade is conducted. Education has materialized as the tactical concentration for business and has been growing in significance over the last decade; companies have to search and leverage immense number of stores of information and proficiency to profit from this flourishing knowledge-based worldwide market.
             Information Economy.
             "The twin developments of technology convergence and globalisation have created a world in which data is networked, knowledge is disseminated and information is, above all, accessible.

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