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Cask of Amontillado theme

            ?The Cask of Amontillado? by Edgar Allen Poe depicts Montressor, a crestfallen man who has fallen short in life, yearning to find revenge upon his friend Fortunato, a wealthy, overtly arrogant wine connoisseur. He finds his revenge and at the same time, succumbs to madness. Montressor's madness is found in many ways throughout the story. Poe's story illuminates the theme of revenge and the result of an intense desire for such. Montressor's madness is best described by his overt desire to murder Furtunato, his jovial methods, and his intense planning. .
             Montressor's desire to kill Fortunato is the foremost pact to his madness. His rationale to murder Fortunato derives from the fact that he has insulted Montressor and his family. He has done so many times, and in many ways, and he must pay, with his blood. The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.? This is a sheer example of Montressor desiring vengeance against Fortunato. And as history tells us, revenge is a power that causes madness with great ease, especially when one has nothing but vengeance. .
             The second most example of his madness is his blunt approach to luring Fortunato to his death. Montressor uses symbolism and foreshadows his intentions. Luckily, Fortunato is too drunk or stupid to realize this. After Fortunato has a coughing fit, he determines that a mere cough will not kill him, Montressor agrees, only because he knows that he will have the pleasure all to himself. His nonchalance is displaying his trowel either demonstrates his supreme madness or his certainty that regardless of Fortunato's response, he will die that night. .
             The third most relation to his madness is his intense planning and maddening thought processes. He planned very thoroughly. Montressor was bent on revenge from the very beginning. His plan reflected his deep thoughts of animosity and bitter hate.

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