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Fall Of Rome

             It was very successful for a long period of time and brought many new ways of architecture. They build many aqueducts that are still standing today. Rome had many monuments that stood for Rome's power and dignity such as temples, stadiums, and victory arches. Later, the Roman Empire will slowly fall.
             There was no exact date when the empire collapse, and were many series of events that cause Rome to fall. Many believe the size of Rome was too large to control and brought corruption within the empire. The Roman Empires military was made up of many mercenaries that had lack of loyalty to Rome. Because the transportation of information was very slow, it was very hard to defend off attackers.
             Dividing the empire at a time of attack was had really weakened it beyond repair. Many of the people have lost their confidant and support of the Roman government. The population of the empire was slowly depleting. The Romans reliance on slave labor was to great, and discourages the people of Rome to explore new technology.
             The taxes of Rome were getting to high. It was very difficult for the collection of taxes during that time of the attacks. The lost or decline of discipline and devotion to Rome has caused corruptions within the empire. This lead to many civil wars.
             Even though there was really no specific date Rome collapsed, many historians say it was on 476 A.D. However, it did not disappear from the map. An emperor still ruled the Eastern Roman Empire. Byzantine empire lasted another 1000 years. The fall of Rome was a slow process of changes in life. The people in Italy continue to live their way of life, just under a different ruler. The Roman cities were crumbling and the roads were disappearing under the weed and mud.

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