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             Through the Imagery in,On Hearing a Symphony of Beethoven,? life comes out through the words. And through the symbolism and metaphors this symphony expresses such beauty and peace. On Hearing a Symphony of Beethoven, the importance and dependence of the music, is always present and compared to with the loss of the music in the author's life. .
             The symbolism of the piece brings out a setting in which divides the setting into two. A world that is dark, lonely, and without love, and a joyous, peaceful, and complete world. With you alone is excellence and peace,? andSweet sounds, oh beautiful music, do not cease; reject me not into this world again.? Expresses the two different settings, but the importance of the settings are not really the place, but the mood the world has with and without the symphony.
             The metaphors of this piece brings out the emotions of the author, and shows the reader how the author feels. Like a tranquil blossom on a tortured stem,? The author is so in love, or in need of the music in which he can not live without it. The music in a sense acts like a defense against life's pains and miseries. This moment is the best the world can give, " and "Sleep like the scullions in the fairy-tale.? Again show the peace and comfort of the author, for the music is his life.
             The poem also casts a lot of imagery, in which helps build up a better understanding on how the author is in need of the music. A City spell-bound under the aging sun.? Expresses the need of the music, like the city is under a trance, in which music is their need and the sun is like the watch going back and forth, continuing the spell like a hypnotist. Strong imagery is needed because the poem is very short and the reader needs to catch on the words, or the point of the words will be missed.
             Throughout all of this analysis, the idea that brings out the poem, it peace. Without the conflict of happiness and being alone, the essence of the peace would never be as memorable.

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