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             Sarah Renee Vasquez an 18-year-old woman concealed her pregnancy from her parents and friends alike. She gave birth to a full-term baby girl in the family bathroom around 7:15 p.m. October 3, 1999. She then took a pair of scissors out of the nearby medicine cabinet and stabbed the newborn 27 times in the chest. Vasquez then dumped the baby in the toilet. Her mother was concerned that Sarah had been in the bathroom an unusual length of time and went to check on her. After insisting that Sarah remove herself from the toilet her mother saw the baby and screamed for Sarah's father. The baby was still breathing and the family called 911 immediately. Sarah's father tended to the baby's wounds and also attempted CPR when the baby started having difficulty breathing. The 5-pound baby girl was still alive when she was transported by ambulance to North Colorado Medical Center. The baby died around 8 p.m. by bleeding to death from over two dozen stab wounds. This case is slowly making its way to trial.
             Yudit Rosales, 21 gave birth on June 6, 1998, in a bathroom at the distribution center where she worked. She strangled the infant, disposed of the body in a trash can and then went home sick. Two days later a janitor found the corpse and alerted police. Rosales was arrested and charged with murder. Rosales was sentenced to 15 years to life.
             Amy Grossenberg gave birth to baby in a motel room November 6, 1996 and her boyfriend Brian Peterson disposed of the body in a nearby dumpster. The baby's skull was also bashed in while the infant was still alive, but neither Amy nor Brian admits to bashing in the infants skull. Amy received 30 months in prison and Brian received 24 months in prison for the murder of their newborn child.
             Melissa Drexler, known as the prom mom, delivered a baby boy in the bathroom stall at an Aberdeen banquet hall during her prom. After delivering the baby she strangled the 6-pound, 6-ounce baby, severing the umbilical cord with a steel lid that she tore off of a box used to store sanitary napkins.

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