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             Genetic Engineering (GE) is a field of science that has been rapidly growing within the past few years. As it continues to grow and become more advance, many controversial issues arise. The big question is asked, "Is it right or wrong?" or another way to ask, "Is it morally right to change the nature of life on Earth to suit man's desires better?" Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but who's to know if it is right or wrong? Many movies produced by Hollywood concerning Genetic Engineering have portrayed it as a negative thing; movies such as Jurassic Park and Gattaca. These movies show the bad consequences resulting from Genetic Engineering. Obviously, these movies show the worst-case scenario.
             "What will it be like in a future world where your life started with your parents designing your genes? In addition to screening for unwanted genetic diseases, they select for sex, height, eye-, hair-, and skin-color. Pressured by the current social fads, they may also choose genes whose overall functions are not clearly understood but are rumored to be connected with temperament, intelligence, mindfulness, and perhaps sexual orientation. You may be genetically engineered to be an enhanced clone of one of your parents, or of a celebrity whose genetic heritage your parents have purchased at great price. If your parents are poor, they may be paid to design you with genes tailored for a particular occupation, together with a pre-birth contract for future employment. As in the film "Gattaca," you probably belong to a clearly defined social class according to the degree of your genetic enhancement. Of course there may still be a few weird, unenhanced naturals-by-choice living in the mountains." - Ethical Dangers of Genetic Engineering by Ron Epstein.
             One of the co-discoverer of the DNA code, Dr. James Watson, disregards the ethical issues of GE. He once claimed, "until a tiger devours you, you don't know that the jungle is dangerous.

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