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Asking and Answering Questions

            Why Are You At University - Asking and Answering Questions.
             Asking questions and answering them seems like one of the most basic tools that you use in everyday life. Well that is what I thought before we had the lecture on it and before I began researching the topic. I pretty much thought you ask a question, you get an answer and you have then got the information you need. There is so much more to it though like the different ways you ask questions affecting the answer that you get, the ability to ask a good question and how different questions are used to illicit information. To research the idea of asking and answering questions I decided to use three mediums: the internet, the library and interviewing managers and students to get there perspective of the topic.
             My first attempt of researching the topic was through the internet. I wasn't sure how successful I was going to be as I didn't realise what an extensive topic this was going to be. The first search engine I used was Yahoo.com. I did the search on "asking questions" and came up with 18 hits. As I scrolled down the list I knew that this was definitely not was I was looking for! All the hits were concerned with asking questions of companies about their products or services, it was nothing to do with what I was looking for. I decided to try my luck with a different search engine before redefining my search on Yahoo.com. The next engine I used was Google.com. I typed in the same search request "asking questions" and this time I came up with 3,390,000 hits. I found exactly what I was looking for, it had been a success! .
             The first hit that I clicked on was "Answering and Asking Questions" a paper by William E Cashin of Kansas State University. This paper was concerned with Hyman's theory (1974) regarding answering and asking questions in a learning environment, lecturer/teacher to students. The first part of the paper is directed at how to answer a question by not directly answering it.

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