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             I hope this letter finds you well and that your hip replacement is doing better than last week. The kids are doing fine and Sheila and have worked through our problems so everything if going well on the home front, well almost everything. I have a problem, Matt has a chance to get into a Kongcric boarding school, but he would only be taught in Kongcric, not Inggas. This is why Sheila and I have been so tense lately, we are torn between sending him there and allowing him to learn their language and possibly do better in life than we have, but at the same time he would lose sight of his heritage and culture that is all we really have left. I am so confused and mixed up on this, and I do not know what to do. I do not know which is right to do for my son. I wish the whole situation were that simple though, Sheila has made it that much harder.
             You know how active Sheila is in the whole movement for Inggas schools, a goal that almost seems ridiculous, well that just makes this worse. Sheila and I have stopped most of our petty bickering over this, but she hasn't slept in the same bed with me in two weeks now, ever since we started arguing about all of this. She is just so stubborn and bent on being one sided instead of weighing both sides of this. She knows that I want my son to grow up speaking my language, learning my culture, and succeeding by doing so, but this isn't the 21st Century any more, he cannot be a doctor or a lawyer, he can never be much more than I am, they will not let him, even if he does learn their language and practices. I understand that, but he will still be able to communicate with them more easily and he may make contacts within his school that could help to climber higher than I ever could just speaking Inggas. It is just such a hard choice; I don't know what to do. Sheila insists that it does not matter where he is in their society as long as he can still play a role in his own, and this holds very true, but he will still learn Inggas as well, it just will not be his first language, and that is what upsets her.

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