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Is Capital Punishment Permissible?

             Question: Is Capital Punishment Morally acceptable form of punishment? Answer: I argue that Capital Punishment is morally acceptable. .
             A. The death Penalty can only come into question when it comes to heinous crimes.
             1. Murder- The death penalty should be a rule when it comes to murder. .
             2. High Treason- For crimes in war time that would mean the loss of humane life.
             3. Terrorism- One who by acts of terrorism or acts of outrage cause people to be injured or killed, or has had intentions to injure or kill people should as a norm be sentenced to death. .
             4. Repeated grave assault- one who has been convicted of grave assault or manslaughter, or brutal rape. Who has served a punishment, and after is convicted of grave assault again , should be sentenced to death.
             B. Persons who should not be sentenced to death.
             1. One who is below the age of 18- Should not be sentenced to death.
             2. Pregnant women- Who has been sentenced to death are not to be executed during pregnancy.
             3. Insane people- Should not be sentenced to death, but should be placed in a closed nursing home for life.
             II. Body .
             A. Capital Punishment , the death penalty, is the maximum penalty used in punishing criminals that commit heinous crimes. Many people who are against CP are only thinking of the criminal and how cruel it is for them. But forget to think about the families that are broken apart because of the merciless acts of these criminals. I will take both a Utilitarian and Retributive position towards CP. Cp is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment that, I will argue is morally acceptable. .
             B. The main aims or purposes of punishment are:.

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