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On The Sea

            The poem "On The Sea" written by John Keats focuses on the gentle soothing atmosphere of the ocean. It represents how beautiful and placid the ocean is, and makes the reader try and appreciate the ocean. "On The Sea" embodies the nature of the sea and the feelings a person can accumulate in respect of the sea. .
             The tone of the poem is solemn, sweet and gentle. The gentleness of the tone emphasizes the feelings the ocean embodies a person. The rhythm of the poem is slow, and has the soothing affect, as the tone. .
             The purpose of the poem is to generate the reader's perception of the ocean and make the reader realise the beauty and peacefulness of the ocean. It focuses on the positives of nature, and tries to evoke a feeling of appreciation for nature and to know that you shouldn't abuse it, or look at the negatives. .
             The choice of words adds the to the rhyme scheme, the rhyme scheme is a bb cc dd e, most rhyming words sound feminine, they are soft like and emphasise the whole atmosphere of the poem. .
             In the poem references are made to heaven When last the winds of heavens were unbound this is a religious idea. When a poet uses the word "heaven" the images the reader associates with heaven become engulfed in their mind. Heaven is seen as a calm and peaceful, which is the atmosphere the poem is presenting. Wind can be seen as a strong, scary thing, but in this sentence it is seen as calm and not threatening. .
             "Oh, ye whose ears are dinned with uproar rude, or fed too much cloying melody - is describing what can happen when you stop appreciating nature, and the natural beauty of the world. It is tyring to portray a message that you have to listen to your heart and not what other people, are saying, and forget about current problems and focus on the positives of the ocean, and how this can make you happy.
             The ode "On The Sea" is about the ocean, and how we should appreciate it.

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