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rosa parks

             The CBS version of Rosa's life was a fairly accurate and extremely touching dramatization of the events that took place in Rosa's life. The story told is one that needs to be heard and understood by all, especially those in the deep south today who don't know their ugly history. Her childhood, early adulthood, .
             and civil rights years were all portrayed well by Angela Basset as Rosa.
             As a young girl in Alabama, Rosa grew up with her grandparents, mother and brother. She came to accept and dislike practices of whites there. She knew that thats not the way that things should be and she knew even as a youngster that she could do anything she wanted if she put her mind to it. She wanted to .
             change things but never thoguht she would be famous for doing so.
             After high school she met and married the local barber who really took a fancy to her. When they first met, he brought her flowers everyday even though she wouldn't even come to the door to meet him. Finally her mother let him in and they went out and eventually fell in love and married after she thought that he died in a protest. One day in the paper she found an old friend's name and looked her up, finding that she had joined a newly founded NAACP in Montgomery. .
             Rosa, too, joined and became active as the group's secretary. She applied and recieved her voter's registration, which was a very difficult task for blacks at the time. She took part in the Youth Council of the NAACP and led them in Bible study and civil rights education. Aside from her job as a secretary she was Mr. Nixon's (the group's leader) personal secretary. She began documenting dozens of cases of blacks who were arrested for not giving up seats for whites on busses. She was avidly against segregated busses.
             On December 1st, 1955, Rosa was asked to give up her seat to a white man and refused. She was then arrested and released after a white lawyer got her out of jail.

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