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Landscape for a career

             A landscape architect is an individual who arranges and modifies the.
             effects of natural scenery over a tract of land so as to produce the best.
             aesthetic effect for the land use. Landscape architecture is the design.
             profession which applies artistic, cultural, and scientific knowledge to.
             the design, planning, and development of the land. Landscape architects.
             accept certain responsibilities related to the health and welfare of the.
             public and are concerned with resource conservation of the land. The.
             practice of landscape architecture requires an appreciation and.
             understanding of natural and social processes, a creative imagination, and.
             a commitment to preserve or improve the environment for human use and.
             Landscape architects plan the most harmonious relationships between the.
             land and the objects on it by proper combination of open space and.
             planting, and by wise use of land formation (Concise 151). They may work.
             on parks, gardens, housing projects, school campuses, golf courses, or.
             airports. They begin a project by reviewing the needs and desires of the.
             client. They study the site, mapping such features as the slope of the.
             land, existing structures and the type of soil. They check local.
             building codes and availability of utilities, make drawings which outline.
             the work in detail, and draw up lists of materials to be used. They then.
             invite bids from construction companies and landscape nursery companies. .
             With the awarding of the contracts, their work may be finished, or they.
             may stay on to supervise the work as their client 's representative (151).
             A major branch of landscape architecture, golf course architecture,.
             integrates the skills of a landscape architect on a larger scale. The aim.
             a golf course architect is to create a truly great golf course by.
             utilizing to the fullest extent possible the potential of a promising.
             piece of land (Golfplan 1). This potential is expressed in the site 's.

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