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Alice Munroe

             In order to enjoy writing, you must first be interested in your subject. You must allow yourself to become for a few minutes that character within. As I jumped back and forth, trying helplessly to decipher what stories intrigued me enough to write about them, I stumbled upon Alice Munroe. Her two short stories contain "realistic style that is comfortably familiar"(362) to me: "An Ounce of Cure" and "Prue." .
             I can relate to Alice Munroe's short stories because I have encountered many of the same experiences as Munroe and her characters have. "Munroe's experience of growing up in a small town negotiating the rebelliousness and idealism of adolescence and getting along in a variety of complicated relationships all inform the fiction she creates"(362).
             In "An Ounce of Cure," Munroe tells a story about a girl who found her first love in a small rural town. Much like my first love, she was consumed by this love. She allowed Martin Collingwood, her love, to consume her everyday life. "The idea of him dominated my mind relentlessly, and after a while against my will"(365). .
             As I think back to my first love, I remember how that love dominated my entire existence. I was always doing infantile things, such as the girl in this story. For example, the girl in the story says that she "hung around places where he might be seen, and then pretended not to see him"(365). When I read this, I was reminded of how consumed I .
             O"Dowd 2.
             once was. I used to do exactly that, hang around and wait, and then when I would finally come in contact with my love, pretend not to see him. I would always ask myself why? Why was I not allowing myself to regain control of my life, and just move on? Honestly, that question reoccurred in my mind at least fifty times a day; yet still I continued to be self-destructive, much like Munroe's character. I say this because the girl is so young and naive. She drinks to the point of being sick, while also attempting to harm her self with an over dose of aspirin.

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