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the chrysalids

             One of the things I really enjoyed about the Chrysalids fantasy was the telepathic ability of the main characters. It seemed to me that if telepathy is possible, or will be in the future, the author's description of it was as good as any. I liked the way the characters" telepathic powers had limits and that those limits varied by individual. The characters" limits made me think of our own physical capabilities, such as strength. Anyone can improve their strength but there are certain limits we are born with, similar to the telepathy in the story. People are born with different abilities, but with teaching and practice, those abilities can be improved, some more than others.
             Telepathy may seem far-fetched to most of us, but if you think about the possibilities, who's to say it is not possible? Research suggests that the average human uses only ten percent of their brain, so when you think of the advances we have made in science and technology using that measly ten percent, it makes one wonder what we would be capable of if we harnessed the other 90%. .
             Telepathy is a complex subject. If you accept that telepathy may be possible as we evolve, including being able to read other peoples" emotions, why couldn't other more drastic variations be possible. If telepathy is possible, I do not think it will be like it is portrayed in the movies, where people control other people with their minds, or are able to bend steel just by looking at it. I do however think that telepathy will be possible on an emotional level. Already we have people who are better able to sense when their friends or family are sad or angry. People would argue that this is because they know that person very well, or can tell because of the other person's body language. Could it not be something else? Maybe they just know, or maybe, to a minor extent, they really do know what the other person is feeling, who knows? Hopefully we will someday.

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