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Dialectic Materialism

            On Marx's Theory of Dialectic Materialism:.
             Dialectical Materialism is the theory of governmental evolution concocted by Karl Marx. It is a newer interpretation of an older concept. This interpretation stems from dialectical logic, which was first used by Aristotle. When Aristotle referred to, or used, Dialectical logic it became a set procedure through which he could argue any given problem, using probability to prevent inconsistencies. Later Plato used dialectical logic, however he used it in reference to dialogue. The dialogue being a method of scientific investigation leading to truth by analysis. Later it became the common term for the conflict of opposing forces, resulting in change. This matches the closest with Marx's idea of Dialectical Materialism; "Matter being the sole subject of change, and all change being a constant reflection of the struggle between opposites, arising from internal contradictions inherent to all things." The materialist aspect had little to do with his belief on Dialectics; it was merely incorporated to differentiate his theory from those dealing with the spiritual or illusionary realms, (which is normally what was referred to when talking of anything Dialectical). Marx may have had a slightly different idea of what exactly the study of dialectics was, but as I pointed out so did both Plato and Aristotle. Yet even with these variations in the precise usage or meaning there were a few general traits that stayed with the idea through time. The most prominent was that, everything progressed in steps, there were no great changes in life that consisted of anything more than a large number of small steps. Another universal trait of dialectics was that these changes were the result of unavoidable, internal conflict, resulting from constant internal contradictions. This is how Marx created his idea of governmental evolution. He said that there were many steps (or set changes) to society, these would all have to be experienced to progress.

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