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Frankenstein-monstrous behavio

            In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, she uniquely portrays both characteristics of mankind. Shelly explores the romantic idea of man being born innately good, then turning to the darkerside. Both the main characters, Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, could be considered the "monster". However, the creature displays several definite signs of monstrous behavior.
             Physical appearance can sometimes aid one in defining a person's character. The monster's "(60). gigantic structure and deformity is more hideous than belongs of humanity" instantly gives the reader a clue about the creature's build. The creature is very deformed and looks like a wretch of a monster. The monster had an enormous structure, which can be easily compared to modern ideas of monsters" appearance. Frankenstein explains the creature's "(36).yellow skin scarcely covered his shrivelled complexion and straight lips." The description created a vivid terrifying image in the readers mind about the creatures. The creature's "scary" appearance frightened the creator itself. The monsters monstrous physical appearance compliments his monstrous deeds.
             The monster uses revengeful tactics to ruin his creator's life, both emotionally and physically. He states "(129). From that moment he declared everlasting war against the species, and more than all, against Frankenstein." The act of plotting revenge upon an entire species can only be displayed by an emotionless monster. The monster declared that he would personally make his victims miserable. The monster did not try to control his anger because he admits "(78) The first time the feelings of revenge filled my bosom, I did not strive to control them, I bent my mind towards injury and death." The creature realized his feelings of hatred were evil and vindictive. Yet, the monster continued to plot disastrous murder in the form of revenge. Plotting revenge is an unscrupulous act that can lead to evil actions that could be avoided.

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