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The Treatment of Schizophrenia

            The Psychosocial Treatment of Schizophrenia.
             With the advances of medication and treatment, many patients suffering from schizophrenia have had the opportunity to live healthier and more fulfilling lives, although these new procedures are not a true cure for the illness. Improvements have been seen in the field through several studies, but no "miracle drug" has yet been discovered to treat the many complex facets of this mental disorder. For this reason, new psychosocial treatments have been developed, and have helped many patients and families deal with the complications that arise from most pharmaceutical medicines. .
             Since patients are no longer confined to asylums for the duration of their lives, they now have to face the real world, along with the dangers and responsibilities that come along with it. Many find it hard to cope with everyday life, and have trouble learning how to help themselves. Too many walk through life misunderstood and confused, and the true goal of psychosocial treatment is to help them in by improving social skills and relationships, as well as helping them to better understand their illness and how to adapt to regular life. Patients can be treated using psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills training, and cognitive rehabilitation. The patients" families can also receive treatment, including education and behavioral management training. .
             The practical focus of psychotherapy can provide stability in a schizophrenic's life. The therapist becomes familiar with the patients attitude and knowledge of the illness, and explains the causes of the disease and its" drug treatments. The therapists help the patient to realize the true reality of their illness, and adjust their lives to the limits the disease places on them. Also, group therapy is helpful in showing the patient that others share in their problems, and can provide social interactions that are crucial to adapting to the real world.

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