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Senseless Murder

             Abortion clinics across the United States kill over one million children per year (Hollander 54). These facilities must be permanently closed. The service offered is immoral and causes serious emotional and physical complications (Reardon 65). Abortion is absolutely preventable with the numerous forms of birth control that are available. People must start taking responsibility for their actions and eliminate the accessibility of this heinous act.
             The bible settles the morality issue of abortion. In Psalms 139:13 verses fifteen and sixteen it states that God knows every intricate part of a person while they are in their mother's womb. He lovingly molds their body parts together and plans ahead the days allocated to them. All this occurs before a single breath is inhaled. The sixteenth chapter of the book Jeremiah further states while in the womb God appoints each child as a messenger to the world. God is already having an immeasurable influence on the life of a person while they are yet to be born. He has given them their own unique identity and planned ahead for their lives. .
             By slaughtering these children, the doctors performing these horrendous acts are preventing a child from fulfilling its potential. The murdering of a human being, regardless of their age, is a crime punishable with a lifetime in prison or death. How is it justifiable to kill an infant merely due to the fact it has not yet taken it's first lungful of air? Not only is abortion immoral but it also had dangerous medical and emotional consequences.
             Coker 2.
             When a woman has an abortion, she is not only killing her baby but also taking serious risks with her own health. Because abortion is such a controversial issue, the illusion has been maintained that it is one of surgery's safest procedures (Shalit). In Dr. Reardon's online posting of "A List of Major Physical Sequelae Related to Abortion", he gives an overview of medical dangers women experience from having an abortion.

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