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Hollywood Miracle Diet

             Everyone is looking for a fast easy way to drop a few unwanted pounds before showing off that new swimsuit this summer. The original "Hollywood Miracle Diet" seems to be able to do just the trick. It is promoted on a number of television and radios stations all over the United States as a safe and effective method of losing those unwanted pounds. It says a person can lose up to 10 pounds in 48 hours all with just one simple bottle of juice. A ten pound change on the scale in just two days seems too good to be true but all the testimonials can't be lies. Can they?.
             With many infomercials a common theme used to sell the product is that the weight loss is rapid and easy; the word "miracle" usually appears, and a large weight loss is promised. Sometimes the products include special fat "blockers" that say weight loss will occur in one's sleep, and there is also something about how the diet has been proven and is guaranteed (www.webmd.com). All of this is nothing more than nutritional quackery, which usually suggests a false product with false results. With the Hollywood Diet, the words clinically proven are used, and suggests body fat will be reduced up to 6.5% in the first two days. When looking on the actual Hollywood Diet website, I found that there is no evidence as to whether the "clinical studies" have been published. This tells us that there scientific formula could be the best ever, terrible, or just completely make believe- we don't know until they actually try and publish it in a specific journal of science. The website also says they will send you a complete guide "filled with helpful hints from our registered dietitian". Here again, this dietitian could have never even graduated from college. There is no backing research showing where the dietician received a degree from. Another factor leading me to believe this product doesn't work is quoted by Wilma of California.

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