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l.o.t. flies and coral island

             Nearly every one of man's inventions has been an improvement of a previous idea. There are always originals and always those that try to better that original. The novel Lord of The Flies, written by William Golding, is a contrasting idea to that of The Coral Island by Robert Ballantyne. The original novel, The Coral Island, was written in the 1800's as an expression of what Robert Ballantyne thought to be what would happen if British boys were stranded on an island. William Golding compares to Robert Ballantyne's ideas by showing what he feels would happen in a very similar scenario. Both novels have different styles of governments in use and each novel has a different outcome. The books The Coral Island and Lord of The Flies illustrate why the governments of the two groups of boys work and do not work respectively.
             The Coral Island is a story about three boys who are stranded on a large island with everything that they need provided by the island. When the boys arrive on the island they immediately establish a government, though it was almost predetermined when the three were on their boat before the crash. The government that they set up was a democracy. The three boys each had equal voice in their system, with a "president" to execute their decisions. Their president was Jack as shown when Ralph says "We gladly agreed to follow Jack, for he inspired us with confidence [ ] (Ballantyne 10) When there was a problem on the island, a meeting would be called to discuss the event and how to respond to it. The three boys worked very well together and always pulled through the rough times, signifying the strength of their government. One factor that helped them survive was their small group. With only three people in their government their system worked very well. No one was left out of their voting which would have caused dissatisfaction in a larger number of people.

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