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Criticism Essay,John Steinbeck

             Every man's dream is to be rich, but sometimes this dream turns into a nightmare. Some get lucky, get rich and live happily ever after, but as most people know this usually does not happen. Most people turn into cutthroats, willing to do anything for money. What most people find is that after they achieve their goal of getting rich it is not what they expected. In The Pearl, John Steinbeck uses the psychological approach to develop how man's strife for wealth destroys. .
             Steinbeck uses the psychological approach to develop how man's strife for wealth destroys. There are many different types of destruction portrayed in The Pearl. First, while Kino sits thinking of the pearl buyers, "In his head he only [hears] the dark music of the enemy" (Steinbeck, pg. 55). Also, according to Peter Lisca, Kino is " . . . attacked and wounded three times; beats and kicks his wife Juana his house is burned . . . and his son is killed" (Lisca, pg. 125). Both of these incidents show how once Kino achieves wealth he changes from kind to ruthless and from the hunter to the hunted. Kino's personality because of his new wealth turns him into a savage and gives him more ignorance then he had before. Next, as Kino stares out of his hut ". . . he [can] feel the dark creepy things waiting for him to go out into the night" (Steinbeck, pg. 55). A short while later he takes a breath but " . . . the evil was all about hidden behind the fence, crouched beside the house in the shadow" (Steinbeck, pg. 56). Since Kino's finding, of the pearl it seems evil doers blockade his family and himself, from achieving their goals. The psychological aspect is how Kino's attitude changes from happy and carefree to extreme paranoia. Finally, as Kino comes closer to greatness, "The music of the Pearl [is] triumphant in [his] head, and the quiet melody of the family underlay it" (Steinbeck, pg.69). According to Earnest Karsten, "Just as the Pearl is .

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