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History of Jazz

             Within the musical world there are many different genres that offer an abundance of sounds that are both pleasing and painful to the ear, from the importance of classical from composers such as Bach and Mozart, to the wild deception of societies problems of rap from such artists as Ice Cube and Snoop Dog. One such style that draws from many aspect of our society is Jazz, and can be thought of as the father of these contemporary styles that flood today's civilization. I by no means am an authority of music, and I do not think I will ever know everything when it comes to music, but I will try to offer my interpretation of this thing called Jazz. Jazz is an art form born in the United States of America. Jazz is the heartbeat for a nation in transition; Jazz is the fuel that keeps society going. According to author Leonard Feather " Jazz was the product of a specific social environment in which a group of people, the American Negroes, largely shut off from the white world, developed cultural patterns of their own" (Feather, 8). This statement reinforces the fact that jazz was born out of the racism that was prevalent in the United States of America during the early 19th century and in fact continues today. Although jazz is not the most influencing music currently in the nation, its history proves that it is a great form of music with many origins, with a multi generational life span, multi cultural beginnings, numerous styles, many legendary musicians, and its own creative interpretation. The principles of Jazz read like the royalty of England. You have Counts, Dukes, Kings and queens that rule the kingdom of Jazz. These people were the pioneers that paved the way for the contemporaries that enjoy the fruits of their labor. So, let us take a ride and enjoy some Jazz. One of those pioneers that exemplify the traditions of Jazz was Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington.

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