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Stained For a Day

             Stained For A Day.
             The day started as ordinary as ever. The weather was sunny, the air was warm and my mother was yelling to the top of her lungs. For eleven straight years I can remember my mother waking me up in the same fashion. Most kids had the mom that would quietly come into their room, pull back the curtain so that the sun shines in just through the small crack in the blinds and lovingly kisses their forehead. My mom, however, just loved to yank the covers off my head and shrikes about how I'm going to miss the bus. Mornings at my house always start this way. Today though, was going to be different. .
             The bus slowly but surely came to a halt and all the kids flung against the seat in front of them. As I started to stand in my seat, some kid in front of me bent down to pick something off the floor, me not seeing the kid tripped right over him. I mean how many times a day to you actually look down to watch where you are going? So anyway, I trip over this kid and land hard. Expecting to have a group of kids hurdle around me like a pack of wolves I just laid there, prepared to take the teasing. The plan was in full effect until I heard the deepest voice to ever walk the grounds of Fairview Middle School. The deep voice belonged to the scariest, meanest, oldest bully in five districts. Edwin Willis was the guys" name, and it was rumored that he was 16 and was going to take the drivers test any day. Whispers on the playground claimed that "big Ed" failed the seventh grade six times just so he could stay back and torture the next class of sixth graders.
             So there I was, laying in the bus isle, face down. Big Ed threatened that if I didn't get off his new sketchers, he was going to make me eat his math homework. I wasn't too worried about eating his homework seeing how Big Ed hasn't done any homework since he started shaving which was awhile back.

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