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About Disney

            One Mouse, One Man and Lots of Toilet Paper.
             As tinkerbell flies across the magic kingdom castle, all one can feel is child-like.
             innocence. Who else but Walt Disney can engender such a feeling in while watching a.
             movie or an ABC special presentation? Disney captivates in us the feelings we sometimes.
             forget we have. He lets us relive our childhood dreams and ignites inspirations sparking.
             our true selves. The power Disney has over the diversity of America expresses only one.
             of the traits that makes him memorable. Perseverance, humility, and imagination make.
             Walt Disney America's hero. .
             Walt was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, or even a plastic one. He.
             lived as a hard working scrawny boy on a modest farm belonging to a poor family. The.
             first of Disney's drawings came to life not on sketch paper but something more versatile-.
             toilet paper. Despite a beating from his father after he painted the barn, Disney never.
             stopped drawing. Instead, he believed in himself and proceeded to become America's.
             imagination engineer. On August 1923, Walt left home with forty dollars and one film.
             (Walt Disney: A Biography - Disney Archives, 2000) This case of rags to riches may.
             seem trait, but only Disney can consistently make money a minor matter. For instance,.
             from the very start of his film making, Disney put four times as much money into his.
             animated films than live action filmmakers did. The drive for perfection left him broke at.
             times and wildly rich at others. Even through the depression, Disney released Bambi; a.
             masterpiece of a financial failure. Some would consider spending 1.4 million dollars on a.
             cartoon really stupid. (Nardo, 2000, p.37) But, Walt wanted quality, even stupid quality.
             Such perfection came with a price tag Walt rarely looked at. .
             Debbie Barrera 2 .
             All heroes have courage, but only Disney had the guts to throw his career into the.
             fireplace more than once. (Nardo, 2000, p. 25) Disney was an idea man, a visionary, the.

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