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English Regents 2003

            A diary entry, Reflections of a Seventeen-Year-Old written on November 13th, 1949 by a young teenager named Sylvia Plath. The poem, Slam, Dunk, & Hook written by Yusef Komanyakuu. In both passages, the authors used literary elements and techniques to portray the experience of life through the eyes of a young person. Theme and mood is used by the authors in both passages.
             Reflections of a Seventeen-Year-Old include at least two elements and techniques. Two elements or techniques are the mood of the passage and the theme of the passage. The mood of Reflections of a Seventeen-Year-Old is frightfulness. The theme of the passage, Reflections of a Seventeen-Year-Old is make the right choices or else you will have to deal with the "consequences". The author, Sylvia Plath is "afraid of getting older". She is afraid to get older because, she is "afraid of getting married.cooking three meals a day from the relentless cage of routine and rote". All she wants is to do is be free, "free to know people and their backgrounds- free to move different parts of the world", so that she can see the morals and standards besides her own. She would want to see other people's perspectives, to understand their point of view on and of life. Sylvia, being a young adult, doesn't know what is waiting for her in the future. She is not certain if she will go to college, or have a career, those are the big choices she has to make as a young adult. She is afraid to make those big choices, because she does not know if she did or did not make the right choice. As a young adult, Sylvia is afraid to make a choice, because that choice can ruin her life and deal with the "consequences".
             Slam, Dunk, & Hook include two elements and techniques. The two elements and techniques are mood and theme. The mood of Slam, Dunk, & Hook is happy and sad. The theme of Slam, Dunk, & Hook is that if you try hard enough you will get what you want, and not to give up no matter what.

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