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Homosexuality Reflection

            On Tuesday's discussion in class, we conversed about studies that have been done to see if there are any types of differences, deformity, or just anything different physically, mentally, or emotionally from heterosexuals. Studies have proven that there is no proven fact physically or mentally, for example a gay person has longer fingers than a heterosexual does, that homosexuals are in anyway different from heterosexuals.
             The other day I had received an email from a lady that I do business with. She sent me a letter stating that our children must be saved from the evils of homosexuality. The way we must "save" our children is to contribute our time and effort into helping the boys scout since they were being banned from many schools, community centers, and are receiving decreased or none at all, funding from their sponsors. The part that disturbed me the most about the letter was when it pointed out that we can have there weird, different, unnatural people bombard our society and evil their children. .
             Ohhhh kay, can I say CRAP? Crap is the word I know best to describe this email, anyone who is supporting this bill to help the boy's scouts, and anyone so ignorant to not realize that their society is changing whether they like it or not. Who is someone else to say how I, or any other gay person is to live, function, or think? I know I am going to sound like a racist, but the majority of people that I see that have problems with homosexuality are white people. I"m sure there are other minority groups that feel uncomfortable or unsupportive about homosexuality, but maybe I say that the white population is ruining my freedom of the way I live since they are the ones in political power. .
             Why is it that people that are in political power, people that are very strong and powerful people, so scared of little ol" me? Its ironic that the people that makes changes for us, the society, can't make changes to themselves to make our country easy for all to live? Again, they are suppose to be role models, someone that you look up to, and someone to talk about to friends about the positive things they did for all of us.

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