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Kevin Danaher

            Kevin Danaher: Democratic Globalization vs.
             Kevin Danaher is the co-founder of the international human rights organization that is run out of San Francisco, California. He opened his speech with some background information on his organization. The major theme of his entire talk is that in the current system of policy-making the upper-class elite, who represents a small proportion of the population make all the policy-making decisions. .
             Danaher mentioned a three-fold crisis in today's global world. The first part is social. He cited that the richest 20% consume 80% of world resources, whereas the poorest 20 % only consume 14% of the world's resources. The second part of the crisis is environmental. He cited that two billion tons of top soil is lost in the United States alone due to chemicals. He also mentioned the rapidly declining ozone layer, especially over the poles and also how the ocean levels were rising. States along the coast, like Key West, Florida, which are in low elevation areas stand a great chance of being underwater within fifty years, as well as places like Amsterdam and parts of England that are below sea level are at a risk. The third and final part of the three-fold crisis is a moral and spiritual aspect. He also mentioned how family farms are being bought by bigger corporate farms, which is destroying the institution which the country was founded upon. .
             The major solution to the world's problems as he sees it is the concept of People's Globalization which is a corporate accountability movement where it is the citizen's responsibility for overseeing that the right decisions are made. The two pieces to the global government are human rights and monetary capitals, such as the IMF, World Bank and the International Trade Organization. Danaher mentioned the strategy of his organization is through making "little putions" which he defined as small actions to accomplish a goal, similar to the strategy employed by mosquitoes with their small, persistent biting that eventually gets pesky enough that is becomes effectively bothersome.

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