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Space of Terror

             Mankind's" history was dominated by violence, whether its political war, domestic violence, social violence or personal violence, violence had abided in our culture visibly and invisibly. In a general accepted point of view, violence and its implements on the body is a cognitive immoral act. Unfortunately the society as a whole has utilized it immensely. The impact of violence depicts physical and psychological injury to its victim. By invasion on body, allowing the experience of physical pain to obliterate the mental pain. This cultural symbolic act is an inevitable humanitarian disturbance.
             From history to modern, mankind had existed in a culture of violence. We live in a system, domestically and internationally that employs violence as a solution to violence. Beyond this violence, is the violence in our hearts. Hatred, hostility, despair and indifference are the cause of growing culture of violence. Utilization of violence focuses on inflicting pain. However, the significance of this pain is that it resides in the body, mind and soul. Because pain challenges consciousness and numbs the possibility to think, to listen, to touch, to see, in short, it simply desensitize our internal organic senses. Therefore, body becomes the weapon of violence. It is objectified.
             Violence is a mode of human action that leaves other human systems in devastation. A non-visible violence is torture, that separates the victims ( the self ) from the community ( the world ). In this case, we define " torture " as the " intentional infliction of severe pain or suffering, whether physically or mentally, upon a person in the custody or under the control of accused " The pain of violence is an invasion of individual's body, mind and soul, where experience of silent pain isolates the self from the world. The prolonged pain robes their ego and allows them to mimic death.
             Torture attempts to annihilate the privacy and secrecy of the victims" mind by invading the openings and surfaces of the body.

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