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             Meteorites are very important to our understanding of the universe and its history. Meteorites have an even closer relationship to Earth, its formation, and life on it. Meteorites provide us with a record of the development and origin of the solar system.
             Our planet Earth is made up of the same materials as meteorites. During the formation of the solar system, interstellar clouds were filled with various types of forces and components. When these clouds collapsed, the meteoric material they made had begun to melt and form planets. Meteorites contain minerals that are also present in the crust, core, and mantle of our planet. In other words, the Earth's oceans and atmosphere are the same liquids and gases that were present in the very first meteorites.
             The people that live on planet Earth have a connection with meteorites as well. First of all, humans are made up of the same chemical elements as exploding stars. Human beings need air, water, and oxygen to exist. Solid rocks are also always interacting with air and water. So, meteorites and solid rocks contain organic compounds and interact with what humans consider the "building blocks of life.".
             On a final note, meteorite impacts play a big role in the birth, expansion, and development of our planet. When a meteorite strikes Earth, an explosion crater is produced. During cratering, these activities take place: compression, excavation, and modification. During compression, kinetic energy changes to compressional energy. In the ground, shock waves crush and melt the rock, causing debris to fly out. This is rather dangerous, because the debris can significantly alter the climate by blocking sunlight. During excavation, the upper third of the crater material is ejected. Modification is a rather long process of erosion and infilling. Meteorite impacts probably had a lot to do with actually creating Earth and almost everything on it.

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