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CD Pirating

             How would you feel if you knew that you were being cheated out of millions of dollars each year and you had very little that you could do about it? What if you were a world famous singer that was expected to sell the most CD's worldwide in a year, but had that honour taken away because of an unstoppable problem that the music industry must endure each year. These are just two of the many effects pirating software has on the world. .
             In just this last year alone, Microsoft has lost hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to software pirating. This is when someone takes some computer software or media software, copies it multiple times for a fraction of the cost, and then resells it to people for less than what the company is selling it for. It is kind of like renting a movie and then re-recording and selling it to people. Since the public isn't buying this software from the company that actually makes it, the company looses incredible amounts of money for people selling the product that they invented.
             DJ Quik is an extremely successful rapper that released a new CD at the beginning of the year. The CD got rave reviews and was expected to be one of the top selling albums of the year but due to software pirating and music pirating he earned jack squat. His album was found to be the most downloaded album on the internet this year, but that is definitely an award that he would not mind passing up in an attempt to sell more CD's. Due to these masses of music downloads, DJ Quik has stated that he no longer wishes to make music because of the fact that he is being cheated out of a career.
             Technology is once again the cause of another problem. Attributable to great advancements in technology in recent years, pirating software and music has never been easier. CD and DVD burners are now standard on most computers that you buy today. Ever since this technology has been created, there has been an ever-growing need to make it easier and cheaper to run computers and play music.

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