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Micro Analysis- Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1960) Shower

             To me, this scene begins just after Marion (Janet Leigh) accidentally, reveals her real.
             surname to Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and ends when Marion lays dead on the.
             floor. There's a mid-shot of Norman as he checks the log book, he's got a smile on his.
             face, this makes me wonder what he's thinking, I"m sure that was the intention.
             Hitchcock had, he wants the audience to try and figure Norman out. A tracking.
             mid-close up of Norman allows us to enter his office with him, but behind us, he closes.
             the door, this makes me think that what he's about to do, is a secret, and no one must.
             know. Norman listens through the walls, as he does this, the stuffed birds on the wall.
             cast shadow over his already dark face. Hitchcock used an over the shoulder shot to.
             show Norman removing a picture (of a lady wrapped in sheets being dragged away by.
             a man) from the wall , it's almost like we (the audience) are standing behind him,.
             waiting for our turn to look through the hole. As we do we see that Marion occupies.
             the mid vertical third, she's wearing a black bra, this is a big contrast to the white bra.
             she was wearing at the beginning of the film. To me, the black bra symbolises guilt, she.
             knows she's done wrong by stealing the money, and it shows through the way she.
             dresses. A close up of Norman's eye as he peeps through the hole reveals more about.
             his evil side as he watches her dress. The camera shows a static mid-shot as he replaces.
             the picture, his face still in darkness. A close up of Norman as he turns away from the.
             picture allows light to shine on his face, and as quick as that, we feel like its over. We.
             understand what he's going through, living alone with "mother", no friends, we.
             sympathise with him, usually looking at a woman through a peephole is an action the.
             general public would condemn, but through Hithcock's genius work, we don't. .
             An extreme long shot of the house shows Norman running home to "mother",.

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