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The Lost Childhood

            The Holocaust that took place in 1941 had many tragic events. In Yehuda Nir's book "The Lost Childhood" which is based on a true story of his survival through the holocaust and the horrifying actions of the Germans. Nir who was a young child when the Holocaust took place leaves us with remarkable story that is simply to good to put down. His book was well written and a very memorable story with historical events which led me to form my own opinion and thoughts. .
             Yahuda Nir's autobiography is a well written book which I found worth while reading because it's a true story about a horrifying event that occurred in WW2. The book kept me in suspense and wondering what could happen next. When Nir changes his identity and goes against his beliefs to become one of his enemies, brought some suspense that is needed in a book in order for a reader to continue reading it. At this point the story begins to inspire me because his actions for survival are one that many people in that time gave up on. And his courage brought inspiration that if you don't give up hope, anything could happen. Along the way I found his life story one that should be read by many people because not only is it memorable book but it is also a book that will inspire you. .
             I chose this book because I enjoy reading survival stories. I have read a few survival stories and I must say that this one is truly a remarkable and unforgettable story. Nir and his family struggle for 5 years running, hiding, and witnessing brutality. Not only is this book an memorable story but also, the topic was one that I know I could read without getting bored. The book was simply chosen because not only was the cover very appealing but the quotes and comments on it were exceptionally good. Therefore I chose this book because it had some great reviews on it and it was a subject I knew I would enjoy reading about. .
             The actual writing skill of the autobiography was very unique but yet simple.

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