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morning song

             She wrote this particular poem for the birth of het child, but it's also considered a kind of mourning song since she has lost the baby when she had a miscarriage. Sylvia Platt is called a new generation woman, who wants to be perfect at everything; her writing, the motherhood; the relationship.
             The first paragraph symbolises the love between 2 people. The gold watch represents the pureness of a chunky baby.
             The second paragraph tells us about the baby, who threatens the couple. The delivery of the baby was a huge effort for the mother, but she finds the courage to do this because with a new life an old one disappears.
             In paragraph 3 there is something wrong between the mother and the baby. An explanation for this could be that her baby died. This is why a lot of people call it a Mourning song. There's a struggle between 2 forces : she feels sad because she lost her child, and she also hopes for a new baby.
             The mother hears the breath of her baby, this is what happens in paragraph 4. She still feels sad en happy at the same time.
             In paragraph 5 she feels empty when her baby is born. She has to get up for her baby but she's too tired to get up.
             Sylvia wanted to be absolutely perfect. She simply adores her children. In paragraph 6 there are 2 voices : the voice of the poet and the voice of baby Frieda.

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