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Uncle Tom's Carbin

            "Uncle Tom's Cabin", a novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is the first American novel to sell over a million copies. It attracted the large measure of public attentions. In her article, she tells the truth about slavery by describing a collection of actual lives and portraying a bunch of characters, such as slaves, slave owners, slave traders, abolitionists and slave hunters. It is a kaleidoscope of slavery. Throughout the chapter 1-19, it is apparently that the author regards black and white equally, and she thinks slaves are also human beings with their own feelings. Christianity plays a very important role in the entire article. The author also mentions the Underground Railroad through the escaping of fugitives in her work.
             First, Mrs. Stowe regards African Americans as human beings who have normal human feelings, for instance, religion, love, the anxiety for education and freedom, and she treats black and white equally. For example, Eliza and Uncle Tom are very pious Christians. They think they must obey their masters; otherwise they cannot be real Christians. When George comes to tell Eliza about his escape plan, she is so scared. In her mind, a pious Christian cannot do such things to hurt his master. Then she tries to persuade George to stay and endure all the pains, and she thinks some day God will save him (p.18-20). Uncle Tom is a devout believer, too. He is either a camp-meeting preacher among the slaves or a kind venerable elder. When Eliza goes by night to Uncle Tom's cabin to tell him that he is sold, he refuses to escape with her in deep stillness. He chooses to stay and honor Mr. Shelby's trust. (p.41) He believes his stay can save other slaves lives and honor his master's trust. Besides religion, slaves also have love. Eliza shows her great motherly love in the article. Once she knows that Shelby and the slave-trader bargain about her little Harry, she makes her decision to escape to Canada in the night.

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