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Terrance Mann and the Hero Journey

             Hero journeys in many cases have a unique way of doing things, especially in Field of Dreams although Terrance Man has already achieved fame, his journey leads him to a different role.
             The role Terrance takes on is a mentor. He mentors Ray Consella along on his journey. In the beginning Terrance is antisocial. In one instance he slammed his door on Ray when Ray was in the middle of his sentence. Another instance of Terrance's antisocial ways is when he says it himself "I want my privacy" And even another instance is when Terrance shows it by his actions, he stops writing and starts writing software. This shows he does not want to contribute to society.
             Terrance also gets so angry with Ray he even threatens him! In this quote he is showing his anger in full effect. "I"m going to beat you with a crowbar until you leave" Terrance gets so angry he messes up his own apartment. Terrance Man seems to be in his darkest hour. Eventually Terrance listens to Ray and goes with him to the Baseball game. Where he is initiated into his hero journey. .
             Terrance is also a very cynical man. One example of this is that he angry with Ray about going with him, it seems that Terrance does not want to go out into public, but wishes to remain in his shell. Another good example of Terrance being cynical is when he stops writing to start writing software. .
             Terrance seems to change his tone when he hears the voice at the baseball game, but he doesn"t see what is on the scoreboard. Ray then drives him home but Terrance wants to continue on with Ray. This is when he accepts his call. Another transforming event is when he sees the baseball players at the farm. This transforms him because he sees what can"t really happen. It seems that Terrance has reached the threshold in his journey. The last and final transforming event is when he walks into the cornfield. He doesn"t know what's beyond the corn yet he still walks into the cornfield.

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