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Anthony Vs Caesar

            Mark Antony is often seen as a confident, and devoted follower of Julius Caeser. Yet there is more to him then the eye can see. As the play progresses his characteristic changes. He began as a loyal follower of Caeser, to a shrewd flatterer, and finally a ruthless tyrant. Furthermore, Antony uses these various qualities to make him successful. .
             Within the play, Antony uses flattering to achieve his goals. Following after Caeser's death, Antony quickly learned that he must deal with Brutus, and he has the shrewdness to take advantage of Brutus's gullibility. Antony began by having his servant say, "Brutus is noble, wise, valiant, and honest" (III i 126). Beginning from this point, Antony intends to flatter Brutus and to work upon those personal qualities of Brutus, which represent his weaknesses. He later went to the capitol to flatter the other conspirators by shaking their hands and by saying, "Friends am I with you all, and love you all." (III i 220) With this, it may seem that he had created a new friendship and trust with the conspirators, but he is actually plotting to seek revenge so he can take over Rome. He then uses his flattery to persuade the crowds at Caeser's speech. He first started by making them feel sorry for him. This is evident as one of the plebeian responded, "Poor soul, his eyes are red as fire with weeping" (III ii 116). Thus he is now able to turn the crowds to go against Brutus and the conspirator by teasing them with Caeser's will. In his speech he said, "And being men, hearing the will of Caesar, it will inflame you, it will make you mad" (III ii 144-145). With this he provokes the crowds to wanting him to read it. .
             Although Antony uses flattery to get what he wants, he will also show respect for others with his devotion and loyalty. One of Antony's strong traits is his affectionate loyalty to Caeser. His devotion toward him goes beyond a simple friendship, but politically also.

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