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             My best friend characterizes the attributes that I admire a great deal in a friend. Kevin, a kid who I have grown up with, is someone who I can trust without thinking twice. Another aspect that stands out about him is the fact that he is a caring person. Motivational, humorous and fun to be around are other qualities that would define what kind of a person he is furthermore. .
             One of the most important attributes that I value a great deal in any friend of mine, and that makes up a great portion of my best friend, hence the importance, is trust. Without that quality, there is no basis to any friendship. Many people oversee this trait, but to me it is essential.
             Kevin not only cares for me, but he motivates and inspires me whenever necessary. In times of despair, he will cheer me up and be there for me. For example, when my girlfriend and me broke up, he cancelled his plans Friday night to talk about it with me and help me through it. That was a valid indicator to the fact that he is a very caring person, which is another quality that defines him as my best friend. .
             Another reason I can call him this is because no matter what we do together, we make it fun. We can turn any normal activity into something we eventually spend hours doing, having a good time. Whether it's shooting some hoops, spending some time in the gym, or just sitting, listening to music, there is never a dull moment because there is always something to talk about. We have so much in common that we share similar viewpoints on most things, making it much easier to talk about whatever is on either of our minds. Due to that fact, communication contributes to the quality of our friendship and has made it a lasting one for the past 8 years. .
             Accumulative, these attributes shared by Kevin contribute to our friendship. No one else can compare to the friendship that we have, and had for the past many years. Kevin is my best friend for those reasons defines my exact characterization of what a best friend should be comprised of.

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