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A Tale Of Two Cities

             A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens reflects on the historical event of the French Revolution. Dickens was first inspired to write A Tale of Two Cities after he played at part in the play The Frozen Deep, by Wilkie Collins. Also during Dickens's life in the 1850's, he was concerned that social problems in England, especially referring to the poor might influence a reaction of the French Revolution in England. Finally, Dickens Purpose also, was to further readers" understanding of the French Revolution, "That Terrible Time." The book images the historical setting in the development of the Characters, the themes along with and symbols, and the tone.
             When Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities, the development of the characters reflects on the historical reality of the French Revolution. He is symbolizing what happened during the French Revolution through the characters and plot. Also he uses the characters to show the good as well as the bad, in the revolution. For example, Madame Defarge represents the dark hatefulness as well as the oppression disaster that the peasants suffer from the aristocrats. Next, Mme. Defarge's death from her own gun, symbolizes the belief that a vengeful attitude within herself proves a self-damning one. Dr. Manette, on the other hand, is used to illustrate a dominating motif of the novel, the essential mystery that surrounds every human being. For example, when Jarvis Lorry goes to France to recover Manette, the narrator reflects on this motif. The characters in this novel help demonstrate what was really happening during the revolution.
             The development of the themes and symbols can directly relate to the French Revolution. The themes demonstrate his true meaning and feelings towards the peasants. For example, in the theme "The Tendency toward Violence and Oppression in Revolutionaries," Dickens sympathizes with the peasants that the Aristocrats treated them poorly and their need for freedom was a necessity.

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