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Sigmund Freud

             Sigmund Freud was a famous doctor and psychologist. Freud was both a medical doctor and a philosopher. As a doctor, he was interested in graphing how the human mind affected the body, more in forms mental illness.
             Who was born in Fieberg, Moravia on May 6, 1856.his father was Jacob Freud and his mother was Amalia Nathansohn. Jacob had three wives, Sally, Rebecca, and Amalia. In his first marriage he had two sons. In his second marriage his wife died before they had any children. And in his last marriage he had eight children including Sigmund.
             In 1859, when he was three years of age, they moved to Leipzig, Germany do to his fathers business. On the way to Leipzig they passed through Breslau where he saw gas jets for the first time. They mad him think of soul burning in "hell". They only stayed in Leipzig for one year then they moved to Vienna, Austria in 1859.
             There where three events in his childhood that had an effect on his life. The first event was the loss of his nursemaid when the family moved to Leipzig. He spent his first three years of his life with her because his mother worked. The second event was the birth of his younger brother Julius in 1857. The attention that the infant Julius got from his mother was very distressing to the young Sigmund. The third event was the death of Julius in 1858. When Julius died Sigmund's mother mourned over his death and still paid more attention to him then to Sigmund.
             He was self taught till he was 9 years of age and then went to a private school until he graduated at the .
             age of 17. Then he went to Vienna University and was helping teach his two sisters at the same time. Freud went to the university at the early age of seventeen in autumn of 1873. He went to college for nine years where he studied philosophy and science, and physiological. One indication of his dedication was the fact that in his first semester he signed up for twenty-three hours in anatomy, chemistry, botany, microscopy, and mineralogy in his second semester he continued with twenty-eight hours in anatomical dissection, physics, physiology, and zoology.

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